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Saturday May 22nd 2004
@ Blue Gator
w/ Homunculus & Break of Day
Friday February 13th 2004
@ Casa Cantina
opening for the story of
Saturday August 23rd 2003
@ Blue Gator
benefitting ACVNA
Friday June 13th 2003
@ Union
opening for the story of
Saturday June 7th 2003
@ Blue Gator
opening for Homunculus
debut Saturday April 5th 2003
@ Casa Cantina
opening for Cactus Pears
Saturday May 3rd 2003
@ Casa Cantina
opening for Homunculus

demo outake mp3s
[ The Last Flight of the Spruce Goose 6.2MB ]  [ Amidst Crosshatch Dreams 5.5MB ]
[ Combing a Wave 1MB ]

old practice outake mp3s
(from our crappy tape recorder to you)

[ Dorothy Vader (Love Letter to) 5.5MB ] [ No. (Don't I?) 3.15MB ]
[ Littleton 1.63MB ] [ You're Pretty Cool (I Hate You) (excerpt) 0.63MB]

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